12 September 2007

The title of my last post wasn't entirely accurate. I looked up the definition of "rickrolled" on Urbandictionary.com and apparently it didn't exactly mean what I thought it meant. You can find the real definition here.
The first week of Fantasy Football is over. I went 3-1 for the week, which is pretty good. I could've won the other game, but Alex Smith and Steven Jackson didn't do anything and Brandon Jacobs got injured. I should be able to rebound, though, as I picked up as many Running Backs as possible in all of my drafts.
The second round of the Fantasy Baseball playoffs is going right now, and both of my Head-to-Head teams advanced from the first round. Both of my Rotisserie teams are sitting in second place in their respective leagues, so I should have a few more digital trophies to show off in a couple of weeks.
Not much else is going on, as I spent the weekend with the National Guard and the start of the week has been filled with schoolwork, class, and my job.

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