03 September 2007

I no longer have 21 Space Marines. After priming them last night I now have about 15 salvageable Space Marines and 6 Crust Marines. It will take effort just to get the 15 good Space Marines out of the deal, as I will have to pick and choose the non-crusty parts from the sprues and do a lot of cleaning up, especially around the boots. The 6 Crust Marines appear to be a lost cause, as I have no idea how I will pry them out of the nasty primer gunk. I am getting pretty sick of using spraycan products on my miniatures. I already switched to a brush-on varnish, so I guess I may as well switch to a brush-on primer too. It's more work, but at least I'm not taking a chance on losing miniatures or putting a bunch of effort into fixing miniatures every time I use my primer. Very frustrating. I guess I'd better go skim The Miniatures Page for some brush-on primer tips.

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