04 September 2007

Two more of my sisters are moving into our trailer park. My parents helped them put money down on a trailer down the street and they should be moving in fairly soon. We'll have to have a party or something. Or more likely we'll be antisocial and never see each other at all.
I'm going to try painting the six Crust Marines anyway, after I chip off some of the worst parts of the primer. I think if I mix them up into different squads they'll survive. I've found that when you have a unit of figures it's very difficult to focus in on the imperfections of one individual. You generally see the distinguishing colors and equipment of the unit in general and sort of skim over the rest. This is true especially at gaming distance.
I completed my listing and pricing of my WWII project in 15mm as opposed to 6mm. With the big 40% off club membership discount, it would almost be criminal not to go with the larger figures. I'll still have to find ways to build the terrain and buildings, but I think the miniatures form the bulk of the cost, especially as I can add terrain piecemeal throughout the duration of the buildup. If all else fails, pieces of felt are not that expensive at Wal-Mart, and you can represent anything with a properly-colored piece of felt.
Surprisingly enough, I was able to finish some of my homework today, and I'll probably get a good run of homework finished tomorrow as well. I greatly dislike schoolwork, which I imagine places me in a group with approximately 97% of the college-going population. I find myself wishing that Boise State offered an Entomology degree, as I really enjoyed the Entomology classes I took at the University of Idaho. I'm not sure if there are any jobs for insect scientists, but bugs are a lot of fun. I am sorry that I was never able to fit the University of Idaho's beekeeping course into my schedule. They always offered it when I couldn't attend due to my National Guard commitments.

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