26 September 2007

I think I've finally turned the corner and overcome whatever it was that was blocking me from painting my Orcs. It will still be slower than painting Skaven, but I should be able to power through this first unit of Orcs so I can move on to the other unpainted stuff that's cluttering up my painting area. I've finished the skin tones on two of my Orcs, and tonight after work I'm going to try finishing the skin on eight more. From there it'll just be a matter of painting standard details, and I can do those pretty quickly. The only things I'm anticipating trouble with are the wolfskin cloak that my Orc Warboss is wearing and the huge flag my Battle Standard Bearer is carrying.
The Fido-Shock Pet Deterrent Kit came via UPS today, so I'll probably set that up sometime in the near future, after I get some more wire. The fenceposts that came with the kit are a bit shoddy so I may have to get some better posts as well. Either way, we are only a few steps away from being able to let the dogs spend more time unsupervised in the yard.

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