25 September 2007

Last night I wrote up most of a Mutants and Masterminds character sheet for my bodybuilder superhero. I find that, for me, character creation in most RPG systems is a little too complex. Of course, the only systems I have any familiarity with at all are GURPS 3rd Edition and D & D 3.0/3.5. I suppose those games are not the most simple systems out there; with feats, skills, character classes, advantages, disadvantages, and who knows what all else scattered across 75 different books. With my information retention issues, it all gets confusing very quickly. That seems to be my curse. When I played Heroclix, the other guys seemed to have every figure's dial and powers memorized, while I had to consistently check the cheat sheet to see what my figures could do. I had similar issues in my first Warhammer games, I had to constantly check the charts for the various rolls while my opponent could spout off the numbers needed from memory, then turn to the Warmachine players at the next table and tell them the rules from that game. The information just doesn't stay in my brain like it should. But enough about my personal problems.
I think the Mutants and Mastrminds character creation system is fairly streamlined, at least in this core rulebook. I still haven't read all the way through the Combat section and some of the powers seem a bit complex to use, but I think I may be able to wrap my mind around this system and have some fun with it. At the very least, superhero minis have got my painting jones going again, and anything that gets me to pull out the paintbrushes is a good thing.

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