20 September 2007

Our dog's goal in life is to do everything that he isn't supposed to do. This includes poop eating, sock chewing, barking, and getting out of the yard. He especially likes getting out of the yard. First he went under the porch and chewed off all the latticework. When we blocked that off he pushed in the skirting on the side of the trailer and started chewing on the various things he found under the house. From there he pushed a path between the siding and the porch so he could get out that way. Once we got that pretty well blocked off we thought we had him contained. But last week I went out to bring him in before work and he wasn't there. So I followed the barking to the other side of the trailer park and brought him home. Then he got out again. I discovered that he had dug a tiny crack underneath the hot tub and was wiggling through it so he could go play in the neighborhood. This week we ordered an electric fence. It should be here next week sometime, and I think that it will keep him in the yard. His experiences with the electric fences at my parent's farm haven't been too pleasant for him, so I hope he'll learn to respect the boundaries of the yard after he gets zapped a few times.
One of my younger sisters left for Air Force basic training today. That makes four of my immediate family members who are in the military or have served in the military previously. My dad is in the Army National Guard, I'm in the Army National Guard, my oldest sister just got out of the Air National Guard, and my youngest sister (technically she's just a few minutes older than her twin, but who's counting minutes, anyway) just left for her introduction to the Air Guard. I guess we're all suckers for free school money or something. Good luck, Antje.
In honor of my sister's big step, my dad took us all out to dinner last weekend. The only adult sibling who doesn't live in our trailer park was visiting from Pocatello, so almost everyone was there.
I'm still working on the basecoat for my Cheeto-colored superhero. I hate painting the yellow/orange/red spectrum of colors. It just seems like I can't get decent coverage without caking the paint on the figure. I must just have bad techniques or something. At least I'm painting again.
I've been thinking about a way to scratch my Micro Armour itch. I'm pretty sure it's been done before, but I was considering playing Squad Leader using miniatures. I could use hexagonal terrain tiles to recreate the geomorphic Squad Leader boards, and Micro Armour miniatures to represent the troop and vehicle counters. I'm still not sure if it's something I want to actually do, but it's fun to think about.
It is officially my wife's birthday now, so I guess I should mention that. I think she's 24 now. That makes me nearly 26. We're getting pretty old. I'll probably need to start cruising eBay for a nice cane or walker. Or maybe I could just order a pamphlet from Hoveround next time I see their infomercial. Nine out of ten people got their hoveround Power Chairs for little or no cost, you know.

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  1. Happy birthday to the missus, but with regard to the itch, our club uses a Squad Leader miniatures derivative.... want a copy?????