19 September 2007

I ordered the rulebook for Mutants and Masterminds the other day, so I've started thinking about superheroes. And with my Warhammer armies sitting at a standstill, I started a new miniature that will hopefully kickstart my painting drive. I'm painting this miniature from Reaper as a superhero with orange skin, and I've been working a little bit on a backstory for him.
He started out as a mediocre bodybuilder with aspirations of being the next Mr. Olympia. Before one of the Olympia qualifying events, he used an experimental spray-on tanning solution and experienced an intense reaction. While his strength and physique ballooned up to superhuman proportions, his skin became permanently tinted in a hideous orange color. It was such a horrible fake tan that he became the laughingstock of the bodybuilding community and lost his protein shake and dietary supplement endorsements. With money running low, he turned to a life of crime. Unfortunately it was pretty easy for witnesses of his crimes to pick the huge orange guy out of the lineup, and he was sent to jail for five years. Once out of prison, he was contacted by a superhero team made up of reformed criminals and accepted a trial membership to see how he liked living on the right side of the law. By day he runs a small gym and at night he roams the streets with his teammates, acting as the muscle for the group.
Painting orange skin seems difficult, but I think I can get it to look okay. Then I'll have to fill out the rest of the superteam and give them some villains to fight.

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