21 September 2007

I did a little bit more painting on my superhero miniature, but in a rare bout of good sense I decided to do some History homework rather than continue with my painting. I firmly believe that the authors of my history textbooks hate me personally in a very deep and malicious way. Somehow they knew beforehand that I would be reading their books for my classes and with this knowledge they formulated every passage to be as boring as possible to my ADD-addled mind. It is pretty bad when writing out the bill calendar garners more of my enthusiasm than reading a history book. I'm thinking of taking a couple of days off work so I can forge ahead and do three or four weeks of reading and tests all at once. Then I could finish the class early and be done with it forever.
I got my Mutants and Masterminds book today. I haven't had a chance to really look at it, though. I did occupy my mind at work this evening with thoughts of various villains and scenarios I could run for my little brother and possibly my wife as well.
I have been trying to drum up support for the TMP Fantasy Hockey League and the TMP Fantasy Basketball League. It's true that these sports don't share the widespread popularity of football and baseball, but you'd think that there would be eight or ten Miniatures Page members who were fans of each sport and would enjoy the competition of a casual fantasy league. I think part of my struggle is that there are four teams in the hockey league at the moment, and as the semi-official commissioner of TMP Fantasy Sports I feel obligated to give those other three team managers their (imaginary) money's worth. We have had a great time with the Football Leagues so far, and the Baseball League has been been fun as well. I suppose we'll do our best with what we've got.

Someone's tax dollars paid for this video:

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