23 September 2007

It's the Close Ones that Really Hurt

There are still two football games left in the week, but I appear to have big wins in three of my fantasy leagues and an almost certain loss in the TMP Fantasy Football League. And that's the one that really gets to me. At the start of the day it looked like I was headed for a decent win. From there things got close and my opponent eventually overtook me. The points stayed pretty much neck-and-neck for a while, then he started pulling away and now I'm pretty sure he's got this one in the bag as he's up on me by 12 points. Somehow I doubt that my kicker is going to outscore both Drew Brees and Deuce McAllister by 12 points. Unless Chicago manages to score 45 points entirely on 15 Robbie Gould field goals. That loss and the fact that Denver is not very good this year are keeping me from enjoying my three wins this week that will put me in first place for all my non-TMP Leagues.
To top it all off, I am getting my scrawny butt kicked all over the diamond in the TMP Fantasy Baseball League championship round. I won handily all through the regular season, and now I'm getting a little taste of humble pie. My pitchers are getting destroyed after holding down awesome stats all year, and my batters must be going up to the plate blindfolded at the rate they're striking out.
In good news, I should still get trophies in all four fantasy baseball leagues, my football teams are doing well in spite of my weak receiving corps, and I was able to get six teams for the TMP Fantasy Hockey League. Now I just have to get some people interested in the TMP Fantasy Basketball League.
I think I'll paint some miniatures (or rather, a miniature). My wife is hanging out with my sister and my niece at their house. I think she's using her sewing machine to fashion a pirate-themed quilt. Our system for purchasing birthday presents seems to be working out pretty well. Back when I had to try surprising her on holidays I had a run of gifts that fell pretty flat. So now we get to pick out our large exciting gift and anything smaller can be a surprise. For her surprise this year I got her a cd by Mika, the same dude who did the "Big Girls You Are Beautiful" video I linked a few posts ago.

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