16 September 2007

It's a pretty weird week in the Fantasy Football season when LaMont Jordan outscores LaDainian Tomlinson and Stephen Jackson. I am glad that Tomlinson had a bad week, though, as one of my Fantasy games came down to a few points. I had the San Diego defense and a two-point lead while my opponent had Tomlinson. The San Diego defense only scored a few points, but Tomlinson only had five points and I came away with the win. Unless things go really crazy in Monday's game, I should be 4-0 this week.
I am a big Denver fan but that time-out just before Oakland kicked the field goal in overtime seemed like a cheap shot, especially since Oakland missed it on the retry. I'm glad that Denver got the win, but what a way to do it. I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the distant past Mike Shanahan sold his soul for a book of secret coaching tricks like the Invisible Time-out and the Running Back Revolving Door. Denver's been lucky the last couple of games, but I imagine the wheels will come off soon unless they start playing better.
In Fantasy Baseball, I won the week in the TMP Baseball League, so I'll be moving on to the Championship week, which actually goes from the 17th to the 30th of September. We really need to get some sort of TMP League Champion t-shirts for our Fantasy Sports Leagues. That would be quite the article of clothing to wear to a convention. I lost in my other Head-to-Head league, so I'll be in the third-place game next week. I made a huge run from 8th to 5th place just before the playoffs, and now I can't finish any worse than 4th place, so I feel pretty good about that. In both of my Rotisserie leagues I'm still holding down 2nd place, so hopefully I can stay in 2nd with both teams through the end of the season.

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