01 October 2007

There's plenty to post about tonight, so I guess I'll get right into it. First off, I just had another large piece of the apple pie my wife baked. She bakes a mean pie, using my mother's recipe, so I don't even have to get used to a new taste. It's the same pie I've always eaten.
It's been an interesting week in Fantasy Sports for me. I'll start with baseball as this was the last week for Fantasy Baseball. My teams placed second in both of my rotisserie leagues, which was no real surprise. The first-place teams have been well out of reach all year, and the other teams in the leagues haven't really challenged me in the standings for a good month or so. Probably sometime in mid-August a few teams in both leagues actually passed me up and I fell to 3rd or 4th place in those leagues, but I recovered the points and held on to finish out the season. So that's two silver trophies for me.
In the TMP Fantasy Baseball League my team, the Baloney Bullfrogs, was in the championship round playing against the Monday Knights. After the first couple of days things were not looking good for me. My team went into a slump just as his team peaked, and I was losing 2-7-1. Throughout the rest of the round I was able to make roster moves and work my way to finish the week tied at 5-5, but the Monday Knights won the tiebreaker statistic (ERA) and I will only get the 2nd-place trophy for the TMP League. The Monday Knights manager will get the gold trophy and the pile of miniatures thateveryone sent in as a prize.
It was a similar story in my other head-to-head League. This time I was in the 3rd-place game. I started off pretty strong, leading much of the way. But the other team caught up to me and today he tied me. Of course when the final scores came out his ERA was lower than mine, so again I lost a tied game via the tiebreaker rules. The other team gets a bronze trophy and I go home in 4th place.
Overall it wasn't a bad year for Fantasy Baseball. I'd like to have some more gold trophies in my collection, but three 2nd-place finishes and one 4th-place finish isn't really that bad. The Monday Knights had better watch out because I'll be gunning for them next year.
Another bad week for the Denver Broncos, and it's shaping up to be a good week for me in Fantasy Football. I should win my game in the TMP Fantasy Football League unless Tom Brady really goes off and outscores Stephen Gostkowski by 34 points tomorrow night. Two of my other teams should have easy wins, and the last team will win if Chad Johnson scores 8 points against New England. I really like my chances to go 4-0 this week.
And since this is supposedly a blog mostly about miniatures I will post something miniatures-related. I was trying to decide whether to buy into the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings miniatures game, but I wasn't sure about what to do. My wife went and bought me the Mines of Moria starter set and the Legions of Middle-Earth supplement book, so now I've got a start on the game. If I could just get back into a painting rhythm I'd be doing pretty good.

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