02 October 2007

Well, Chad Johnson scored 5 points instead of 8 and I went 3-1 for the week in Fantasy Football, bringing my record to 13-3 (4-0, 1st of 10 teams; 4-0, 2nd of 10; 3-1, 3rd of 14; and 2-2, 3rd of 10) for the season so far. It sure seems like a lot of players are getting injured this year, and between injuries and bye weeks it's hard to set up a competitive lineup. At least it keeps the games exciting.
I had to do homework tonight, which will probably be the theme for this week. I have a short story due in our fiction class by Thursday or Friday, as well as my reading and quizzes for History class.
I haven't had much time to look through my GW Lord of the Rings books yet. Foundry just sent out the e-mail announcing their Christmas sale. The part that interests me is the 20% discount on certain of their Hordes collections, as well as free shipping. The free shipping is sort of a moot point when ordering Hordes, as you get free shipping anyway, even when the Hordes are not on discount, but the 20% discount is nothing to frown at. The collections that interest me are the Cutthroats Rampaging Mob (Yarrrr!), the School of Gladiators (Ancient Arena Combat!), the Old West Characters (Main Street at High Noon!), and to a lesser degree the Viking Legendary Warriors Horde (Pillage!). Of course even at a discount they are still expensive, but I had a great time painting the few Foundry Pirates I've got, and getting a couple of these Horde deals would pretty much set me up with plenty of figures to play all those periods. Still not sure if I'll pull out the wallet and pony up for any of them, but it's sure fun to think about.

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