15 October 2007

Not much to talk about as far as the weekend is concerned. It was a disappointing week for me in Fantasy Football. Unless Brandon Jacobs really goes off tonight, I'll be 2-2 for the week. Adrian Peterson helped me destroy my opponent in the TMP Football League, but he killed two of my other teams by playing for the opposition. Kurt Warner helped me lose those two games as well, scoring -2 points for me before going off the field due to injury. I imagine Kurt Warner helped ruin a lot of Fantasy days, as he was touted as this week's hot pickup on pretty much every expert blog out there. I played him on three different teams, unfortunately. The team that didn't lose because of Warner had LaDainian Tomlinson and his 4-TD performance to balance out my poor QB performance.
I also had a Fantasy NBA draft this weekend, and I think it went pretty well. The team projects out to be even better than the last team I drafted so I should be able to be pretty competitive this year, barring catastrophic injuries to key players. Since I've had approximately the same pick in every draft, I'm heavily invested in a couple of players. Two of my rosters are almost 50% similar.
I've been trying to concentrate on homework this weekend, as I have two drill weekends within a three week period, starting this weekend. What I really want to do is paint miniatures and write army lists, but it keeps getting put off for more important things. Hopefully I'll find some time during the holidays to play with my miniatures.
The new internet phone is getting better. I got a memory card for it last night, so now I've got some mp3 files on it and most of my contacts have their own ringtones. The little scheduling utility is cool, but I never do anything, so I have to make up tasks and appointments so I can have important reminders flash up on the screen from time to time, accompanied by beeps and buzzes. It also automatically notifies me when I have a new e-mail and I can read my e-mail from the phone.

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