05 October 2007

After reading this post on the Grimsby Wargaming blog I got to thinking about my own projects and interest levels.

Warhammer Fantasy Skaven - I've got a complete 2250-point Skaven army finished, but have stalled out on increasing it to a full 3000 points. I think I'd be more motivated if I actually purchased the miniatures that comprise the rest of my list.
Warhammer Fantasy Orcs and Goblins - I've got 2 Orcs partially painted. I'm not too happy with the way the skin turned out, and don't have a lot of motivation to paint them at the moment. I've probably got a thousand points or so of miniatures, and still want to finish the army to at least 2000 points.
Warhammer 40K - With school and other projects taking precedence at the moment, I stalled out on planning my Chapter of Space Marines. I would still like to do the project, but I'm in a holding pattern until I have a bit more time to work on it. At the very least I'd like to get together a couple thousand points so I can play games. I figure a full Chapter will take many years to build up. I've also soured a bit on the Space Marines due to the primer incident, in which several figures came out crusted with primer.
Pirates - I've painted most of what I have, and will probably add at least one of the Foundry Horde deals to my collection someday. I purchased 40 Old Glory pirates recently, but the sculpts looked so terrible that I put them in a drawer. I don't think I'll be painting them. I also need to build a tavern and maybe a pirate ship. And I need to add a few more civilians, town guard, tavern employees, etc.
Old West - I want to purchase one of the Foundry Horde deals for Old West as well. I think there is a manufacturer of cardstock buildings that I could purchase, and an Old West town gaming mat from Hotz Mats. I've also got a list of minis from other manufacturers that I could mix in for some variety.
Gladiators - Again, I'd like to pick up the Foundry Horde deal for these. I could make do with a sand-colored mat, but it would be neat to build a little Coliseum and maybe paint up some lions and bears for the gladiators to fight.
Hordes of the Things - I'm thinking about dragging the wife to the Tactical Solutions convention in Spokane, Washington next year. We couldn't go this year due to cost and the fact that I'll be at drill that weekend. Rumor has it that they play Hordes of the Things at the con, and I think it would be nice to paint up a Viking/Barbarian army.
Superheroes - I've got a list of superhero miniatures that I want to start purchasing and painting. I like painting supers, as you can go a little crazy with the colors and designs. For terrain I can use all my old Heroclix maps.
World War Two - I've been putting this project off for quite a while, as it's hard to justify all the stuff I want to buy. Also, the research is intimidating as it's the only "real" historical period I'm interested in. Technically Pirates, Old West, and Gladiators count as historical, but for them I'm going for the Hollywood feel. For World War Two I'd feel a need to go for something fairly accurate. Perhaps not down to actual unit markings, but forces that represent a typical unit from whichever army I'm painting.
Lord of the Rings - I've got the rulebook and the army list book. I still need a few of the other sourcebooks. The starter set came with a couple hundred points of Moria goblins and a Cave Troll, as well as several hundred points of Good heroes from the Fellowship. Ideally I could fill out my favorite forces with two or three of the boxed army deals and a couple blister packs here and there.
Reaper Warlord - I like the miniatures, but they lost me with the rule changes and the army pack nightmare. I may still fill out my forces, but just as generic fantasy units for use with other game systems.
Other - I've flirted briefly with dreams of the AWI (American War of Independence) and the ACW (American Civil War) in 6mm scale, but don't have any real plans for the projects. I would love to do some sort of ginat stompy robot game in the Mechwarrior or CAV vein, but don't really have any current plans for that, either. Pulp adventure games and Victorian Science Fiction look like a lot of fun, but I think you really need to have a good gaming group to get the full amount of enjoyment from them. And last but not least, there are tons of miniatures that I like, but don't fall into any real category. I've got a list of them in my notebook, and I'm sure I'll pick some of them up over time. I'd like to add more historicals to my list, but I'd need to get into the history books a little more and find something that strikes me as interesting.

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