16 October 2007

Tonight I went through the various boxed armies that are available for the Lord of the Rings game and tallied up the points contained in each army. Pointswise, the Legion of the White Hand (Isengard Uruk-hai) and the Wardens of the Westgate (Dwarves) come in as the best value, at 718 and 703 points respectively. The Host of Cirith Ungol (Mordor Orcs) comes with 519 points of models, and the Defenders of Minas Tirith (generic Gondor list) is a lightweight at 430 points. I didn't figure up the points for the Rohan box, as I'm not interested in a Rohan army. I may end up figuring up the points for it anyway, in the interest of having a complete set of lists. I also saw a couple of additional boxed sets on the website that I may add up as well.
I'll probably spend tomorrow getting a haircut and working on some more history homework. It should be a real blast. I'm thinking that if I get all of my stuff done early in the week I'll have most of Friday to paint these Moria goblins. That's the plan, at least.
My wife and I are looking for a gaming convention to attend in the spring of next year. It can't be on the first weekend of a given month as I've got drill to go to and it needs to be somewhere in the Northwestern portion of the US. We'd prefer that it be somewhere near a large city, as my wife would like to have something besides gaming to keep her occupied. That leaves us with like 2 choices. Unfortunately, the websites for most of these little conventions don't have much information at all in the way of what games are played, what vendors will be attending, and stuff of that nature. But we're in the process of looking for something to attend in that time frame.

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  1. Which two conventions are you looking at?