12 October 2007

Tonight I cleaned up a bunch of Moria goblins and attached them to their bases. I didn't feel like going outside, so I decided not to hose them down with primer tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I will start putting paint on figures again. Or I will get an early start on my homework so the weekend isn't filled with schoolwork. Not sure yet what the plan is. I did a test fit of the Cave Troll pieces. They don't fit well at all. I'll probably have to do quite a bit of work to get it looking somewhat right. I haven't started on the Fellowship figures. For the most part they are one-piece miniatures, so I'll just have to clear out the mold lines and glue them to their bases. There are a couple of arms I'll have to attach as well, but no major work. The sculpts in the Mines of Moria set aren't that great, but I don't mind all that much. I'll just be excited to be painting something again. It's like therapy or something. At the very least it probably costs as much as therapy.
I found the charger for my mp3 player, so I've been listening to some music. After hearing a song from the British band Supergrass I went and visited their website. Specifically, I visited their online merchandise store. They are still selling a couple of shirts that I've wanted to buy since approximately 1998. With the exchange rate being what it is, I just can't bring myself to buy them. Back in the day they would have cost me $30 each. Now it's closer to $36 apiece. Someday I will have my McVicar and Carlos shirts. Someday. I like t-shirts.
Last night I took a Fantasy Basketball magazine and projected out the stats for every team in one of my Fantasy Basketball leagues to see what my chances of wining are. When I figured up the points, I was ahead by one point. I guess you could say my draft went well. Of course, all that will change as soon as the first week of the season comes around and all the projections go out the window. I feel pretty good about my chances, though. At least I know my team will be competitive.
And now I need to go to bed.

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