13 October 2007

I got my internet phone today. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I haven't figured out how to post to my blog from it as of yet, but I'm getting closer. I wish I could just log onto Blogger from the actual website, but the links on the log-in screen don't work. The Yahoo! Mobile Fantasy Sports interface is a bit clunky. I'm still deciding whether having internet access on my phone is worth it. I'm working my way through the PDA features on the phone. I think those will become more useful as I get them sorted out.
All of my Moria Goblins are primed, and I began painting some of them. My eyes gave out pretty rapidly, though, and I had to quit for the night. I picked up a Goblin War Drum, a Shaman and some Goblin Captains today, so I only need 7 Goblin Prowlers to finish out a 500-point Moria force. The Plastic Moria goblins are pretty bad sculpts. It's incredibly difficult to tell where the transitions are between skin and armor. There are some big flat spots that could go either way. Still, it shouldn't be too hard to get these 40 figures painted to a wargaming quality. Then I'll focus on building up some sort of opposition for them.
I find myself leaning away from cavalry-heavy armies, and this seems to be true across all gaming systems. Even in armies with cavalry options I prefer to stay away from them and concentrate on war machines and infantry. I'm not sure what the implications of that are, but there it is.

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