22 October 2006

Truck Colors

I've been thinking about possible color schemes for the Ford, if it turns out to be a project I can do. I've found a couple of nice pictures on the internet. I like the shiny red look, but there are a lot of red cars out there. The dark green and black is awesome. There may be potential there. The truck is currently dark blue and that may be nice to stick with, but the more I look at the green and black, the more I like it. It's still several years down the road, but it's fun to think about how it would look while I drive around in it.

Also, based entirely off of television commercials I've seen, Ford > Chevy because Toby Keith > John Mellencamp. I think it's funny that the Chevy commercial plays up how patriotic owning a Chevy truck is when the guy singing the song thrashes on America and the government during his concerts. One of the funnier news stories I read this year involved Vice President Cheney walking out of a John Mellencamp concert after the singer went off on the current administration. Then Cheney got the last laugh in, saying something like, "He wasn't playing very well tonight anyway." PWNED!!!

I did a little work on the Night Runners, but it's going very slowly. I think I may end up having to paint them on an individual basis, because I can't seem to get anything going on a mass scale. I don't know why, but they're just killing me.

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