30 October 2006

Fantasy Football Woes and Some Work on the Rat Ogres

I reprimed the Rat Ogres today and then got started on their fur. The green stuff work I did is a lot less visible now that I have some paint on them. I'm pretty happy that it turned out well. I've also done the fur and blocked out the robes of the packmasters.

In Fantasy Football I ended up going 1-3 again, dropping me to 20-12 for the season. I have teams at 7-1 (1st of 14 teams), 5-3 (3rd of 10 teams), 5-3 (4th of 16 teams), and 3-5 (9th of 10 teams). Here's hoping that next week will be a lot better. The Fantasy Basketball season starts tomorrow. Hopefully my teams will live up to the hype.

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