17 October 2006

I did some more work on my Night Runners today. I finally figured out what my block was. In the books and online, the Night Runners are painted in black armor with hard gray highlights. That color scheme didn't really go with my army, but I still wanted them to be dressed in dark colors. My problem was that the Midnight Blue was too dark and too purple. It looked ugly. So I switched to Regal Blue and they're starting to look all right. I've only blocked out parts of the armor so far. I still have to paint straps, wristbands, weapon parts, boots, and wash and highlight everything, but any progress is good progress. I'd like to have these units finished by the end of the week so I can paint another character or start on another unit. I may even tackle the Warp Lightning Cannon. I don't have a lot of big infantry units left, so I'm pretty happy about that.

I did some research for a Dwarf Army list today. I already had one written out, but I wasn't satisfied with it, as I had too many small units. So I printed off a few lists that are more balanced and will be working the kinks out of mine. At some point I will start acquiring the miniatures for that army, so hopefully as soon as I finish up these Skaven I can have some Dwarves ready to paint.

I also need to get my little Warlord armies painted up so I can build them up more. There are a lot of awesome miniatures in the Warlord line, and I'd like to get more of them. But I'd feel bad about buying more if they just keep getting pushed back behind Warhammer stuff.

I babysat my sister's baby for about an hour today. By babysat, I mean that I sat on the couch and took a nap while she slept on my lap. She woke up and farted a couple of times, but went right back to sleep and I figured that was that. After my sister and her husband came back, he and I went the the store to get some stuff for dinner. Apparently the baby farts were more than just farts. I am a bad babysitter because I didn't even realize she had pooped a lot. Like exploding out of her diaper pooping. If it doesn't stink, how are you supposed to know it's there?

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