14 October 2006

I am a little stuck on my Skaven Warlord's weapon. I've chosen to give him a Weeping Blade, for which the description reads, "This weapon weeps a black and corrosive venom which eats through armor and flesh." I would like to model the weapon with a droplet of this venom about to drop from the end of the blade, but I'm not sure exactly how to do it. I've considered using water effects, but I don't know how long they take to dry or if they would stay in the droplet form long enough to cure. I've thought about using the gel superglue, as it might not run as much as regular superglue. I still haven't done a lot of poking around on the internet, so I will have to run a couple more searches. I'm thinking a site on terrain-making or model railroading might have something.
I've also been thinking about a Dwarf army, but I'm disappointed by the lack of options that Games Workshop puts out for the Dwarf Lord. Inspired by a post on The Miniatures Page about some Reaper Dwarves that could fit in with the Games Workshop models, I looked through the Reaper section of Hobbytown today. I didn't really find anything I liked as far as Dwarves, but looking through the Reaper blisters is like Christmas for me. I always find a neat model I've never seen before. The trouble is that aside from the 20 models I bought for a couple of small Warlord armies, I can't justify buying any of the miniatures. I've already got so many miniatures to get for planned armies that I can't really pick up any random other stuff that doesn't fit into an army. I think that this Christmas I may ask for those around me to look through the miniatures for a few single models they think are cool and give me a variety of things to paint up.
I read an article in the new issue of Inquest on the WoW TCG, and the section on the loot cards (random cards that allow you to get upgrades in the online game) was a little disappointing. Apparently there will be three instant-win prizes, including a tabard, a hippogryph pet, and a turtle mount. The disappointing part is that the rarity for the redemption cards will probably range from 1 in every 50 packs (probably for the tabard) to 1 in every 500 packs (probably for the turtle mount). That makes it prohibitively expensive to try to get the online upgrades by buying packs of cards, and it also means that the loot cards will probably go for ridiculous amounts on eBay. In packs without the instant-win cards, there will be point cards that you can save up to buy real merchandise like pictures, playmats, and other collectibles. There will also be a selection of online items you can purchase with points, probably tabards, trinkets, costumes, and fireworks to start with. I was really hoping that the loot cards would be somewhat less rare and offer a larger selection of stuff, like maybe one or two cards per box offering several different items. I think that having more of that stuff out in the online game world would bring more attention to the TCG than potentially only having a couple of those items on each server. But, I guess Upper Deck knows what they're doing.

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