28 October 2006

Clanrats and Dogs

I decided to work on a relatively easy miniature next, so I'm slapping paint on my army's Battle Standard Bearer. He's basically a darker-furred Clanrat, so the painting is going fast. I'd probably be almost done by now, but I keep taking breaks. I think he'll turn out looking pretty nice. I've got a couple of Rat Ogres sitting on my desk to paint up next, but I want to look at some pictures of other people's work to get some ideas before I start in on mine.
And this is a picture of our least intelligent family member. Her name is Annie, but her nickname is Big Dumb Annie. She's clumsy and extremely affectionate.

And here is our sneakiest family member, Buddy. He has a foot fetish. He loves to lick toes and has made off with just about every sock we own. It's impossible to get a good picture of him because he won't stop moving. I think that Basset Hounds are not as low-energy as they are reputed to be. Buddy hasn't stopped running around since we bought him. I saw a three-year old Basset Hound at the pet store today and she was running around like a lunatic. I have no hope for my dogs someday being stinky living rugs rather than the insane licking machines they are.

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