23 October 2006

Night Runners

I haven't done any painting on my Night Runners today, but I did sit and stare at them for a while while drinking a Coke. As I looked at my terrible attempt at highlighting, the thought came to me that the light blue on dark blue looked a lot like the extremely non-tactical camo you might find on a pair of pants worn by a kid from a trailer park who just may be the next Slim Shady, but not the real Slim Shady. Anyway, I think the Night Runners might look good in some sort of urban hip-hop camo. I'm going to experiment with it and see what I come up with. It might be sort of funny to have some glaringly blue and green skirmishers "sneaking" up the flanks of the battlefield.
I also got my copies of Arc of Fire and the Skirmish Campaigns book in the mail today, three days after the order was made. I ordered them from Brigade Games ( http://www.brigadegames.com/ ) and will probably be ordering future books from them as well based on the quality service. From the looks of the Skirmish Campaigns book I won't need to buy a whole lot more stuff to play all of the scenarios once I have the forces for the first scenario. I'll need a few more vehicles and some guns, but on the whole it looks like I'll be able to do very well for myself.

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