01 October 2006

More Progress

I've done some work on my Skaven. I put together four of my Warplock Jezzails. It would've been five, but I lost one of my cavalry bases and so I'll have to wait until I get some more of those. I also got all of the parts together for a unit of Clanrat Slaves and a unit of Clanrats. I assembled the front line of my Clanrat unit. Maybe tomorrow I'll put together some more stuff.
My wife bought me a copy of Madden '07 for Playstation 2. I stayed up all night playing that, and my Denver Broncos are 7-1 so far. This week's Fantasy Football doesn't look too good for me, though. I think I'll lose a couple of my games this week. And I'll find out tomorrow where all of my Fantasy Baseball teams have finished for the season. And that's about it.

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