22 October 2006

'51 Ford

I joined a couple of Ford Truck forums to do some research on what is involved in a truck project. Before I talk to my dad about it I want to have a plan in mind and I also want to make sure for myself that this is something I would want to see through to the end. It would be a shame to take a nice old truck apart and lose interest or burn out halfway through. I think that if I have a plan and a general idea about time frame and costs I will be more likely to follow through with it. At the very least, I enjoy daydreaming about it while I drive around on my forklift at work. I also am going to order a book about restoring old Fords. I forget what the book is called and I don't have my Vintage Truck mgazine on hand, but it's something like "The Bible of Restoring Ford Trucks" or something like that.

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