24 October 2006

I worked on my Night Runners a little this evening. Last night I ended up painting the blue camo on and today I did the green camo, as well as inking the fur and painting their noses. I am a lot happier with the blue camo than the green, but they are both serviceable and I am not going back to do it over. All I have left now is some touch-up on weapons, some feet (there are a few with sandals that I haven't decided how to paint), most of the wristbands, and some of the various little doodads that are sculpted all over them. Hopefully I can get this unit finished up soon. Maybe after that I'll paint the Warp-Lightning Cannon, as that seems like it will be a lot of work and I'd like to get it done with.

In Fantasy Football, Tiki Barber only scored four points for me and I wound up going 1-3 on the week like I figured I would. I am still ranked pretty well in my leagues, with teams in 1st of 14 (6-1), 2nd of 10 (5-2), 3rd of 16 (5-2), and a stinker in 8th of 10 (3-4).

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