05 October 2006

Apple Pie Is Good

My wife made an apple pie this week, and it was awesome. She certainly knows her way around an oven, and she used my mom's recipe, so I didn't even have to get used to something new. Just the same awesome pie from my past. When I turned 18 my dad told me that I would never again eat as well as I had for the first 18 years of my life. Which probably would've been true if I hadn't married this girl.

My Playstation 2 died today, which is unfortunate. It had been lagging quite badly while I played Madden 2007 this week, but today it kept freezing up during loading screens and I couldn't get it to stop. I'm actually kind of surprised that it lasted this long, as it's been through a couple semesters of college, a few moves, and a ton of dust. I've had it since before I met my wife, so I guess it was time for it to go. They probably only made them to last until the next-gen system came out anyway.

With no Madden to play today I pouted for a while and then I put together the rest of my Skaven army, except for the Jezzail team I don't have a base for and the Warp-Lightning Cannon, which I will have to paint before I assemble. But everything else is done. Before I play I will at least have to prime the remaining miniatures and make up three or four more movement trays. I guess I'll have to paint the Warp-Lightning Cannon as well, since it can't be assembled until it's painted. Here's a picture of the whole army:
I didn't do as poorly as I thought I would in Fantasy Football last week, going 3-1 overall to bring me to 11-5 on the season (3-1, 3-1, 3-1, and 2-2). Just as in Fantasy Baseball, my goal is to make the playoffs with all four teams. I have realized that although I never watch baseball and I love to watch football, I enjoy Fantasy Baseball a lot more than Fantasy Football. I guess I don't like the fact that in Fantasy Football you only get one shot each week to get points from a particular position. The rest of the week you just sit around and wait. With Fantasy Baseball, you will have 6 or 7 games every week, so if someone is having a bad week, you can switch them out on your roster and still get three or four good games out of that position. You also have to rotate your pitchers in and out as they start. I guess maybe I enjoy it more because it's more involved rather than just being a game of setting your roster and forgetting about it until Sunday.

I am still thinking about the '51 Ford that my dad has, but I think he's out of town and I don't really have enough of a plan put together to approach him with an offer. From the websites I've seen, it will be at least a two or three year project, possibly five or six. It would take less time if I were made of money and could hire people to do the labor, but that's wishful thinking. Besides, it's not really a project if you don't put in some elbow grease of your own.

I scored the Napoleon Dynamite 2-disc Special Edition for $10.99 the other day. I was going to buy the new Killers cd, but in the checkout line I saw the DVD on sale, so I took the cd back and took a copy of the movie from the shelf. When the cashier rung it up it scanned as $20, so I said, "They're advertised on that shelf for $11." She went over to the shelf, looked at it, ripped off the sale sign, and came back. I pretty much expected that she would charge me the full price, but she gave it to me for $10.99. She was some sort of lower management, so I guess she had the authority to give me the lower price. And who am I to argue with lower management?

Also, my blog's Hoff-o-Meter reading is sort of low at the moment, so I am going to give it a little boost here:

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