20 August 2007

We went camping this weekend and it was probably the worst vacation ever. We came home early from the camping trip because we were having a terrible time. There were some plusses to the weekend, but I was in such a terrible mood that the vacation weekend wasn't very relaxing or fun at all. I think from now on I'll just save up my vacation days to cash them in every year at the spring deadline.
We took our Lab to the vet today because she's been having a recurring skin issue. Our Basset Hound got so worked up about all of us leaving without him that we decided to let him tag along and sit with me while Annie went in to get checked out by the vet. He got really nervous and started pacing back and forth and climbing up on the bench to sit in my lap. After a couple rounds of that he climbed up on my lap and stayed there. A few seconds later I felt an extremely warm, wet feeling all over my lap. Buddy had lost control of his bladder and peed all over me. I had to go sit with him in the back of our wagon until my wife and Annie were done. It probably wouldn't have been such a big deal if Buddy was a small dog, but when big dogs pee they can move some large amounts of liquid in a short period of time. If that wasn't bad enough, Annie has a food allergy and we're going to have to give her food that will pretty much double the cost of feeding our dogs.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your camping trip. Having had very good and very bad experiences of days under canvas I can sympathise when things go wrong - at least you got your tent up unlike me last year!

    Dogs can bring so much joy and heartache can't they? just like any family member when they are ill it does get unsettling. We had a beautiful Border Terrier Spaniel cross that was fantastic. Unfortunately he contracted throat cancer (from destroying our first suite we beleive) and had to be put to sleep - very upsetting for us.