22 August 2007

The Guard Dog

Yesterday I arrived home a little earlier than usual and didn't make a lot of noise coming into the house. When I got through the front door I was met by the sight of our Lab charging around the corner, baring her teeth and barking aggressively. She calmed down once she realized it was me, but I think that if I'd been an intruder she would have taken my leg off. It's the first time we've seen her do that, and I'm glad to see that her instinct to protect my wife has kicked in. She has been feeling much better now that we've hopefully found out what her allergy is. I have extremely bad allergies, so I know what a relief it is to be free of them even temporarily.
I have decided to do my own version of The Pledge. The Pledge is something the folks on The Miniatures Page do to help them shrink their piles of unpainted figures. While my lead pile barely makes it into the triple digits, there are folks out there with tens of thousands of unpainted figures. Anyway, for this protion of my Pledge, I plan to paint 20% of my figures before I buy anymore (unless of course a deal comes up which I cannot pass on, but that only happens every few months anyway). For me that is 29.2 figures, so I'll round it up to 30. I'll probably finish up these Space Marines and the Rat Ogre I started, then I'll move on to my unit of Orcs and a few other figures.
I went out to Wal-Mart last night looking for a couple packs of WoW cards, and for the first time since I can remember they didn't have any aside from Starter Decks. So I saved a few dollars due to Wal-Mart being sold out. I think the wife and I are going to buy some cards online this weekend and hopefully learn how to play the game passably well.
In the computer game, I only need to collect some 840 Obsidian Warbeads to get my shiny new dagger. That should probably take me up until the time the next expansion comes out and the dagger is obsolete.

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