08 August 2007

I've been hard at work with my nose stuck in the various Space Marine books, trying to come up with an organization and color scheme for my Space Marine Chapter. So far it's going well, but I have yet to get to the composition of each squad in the army. That will be roughly 100 squads, plus various HQ figures and some Dreadnoughts. They all have to have a list of equipment made, and I'm hoping to work them out so that I always have a complete squad available with the equipment I need so I won't have to have units made up of figures from different squads. Hopefully the planning will keep me busy for several months so I have time to get my Skaven army all finished.
In my time off from playing with my Space Marine books I've been playing NCAA 08. It is unfortunate that the University of Idaho has such a terrible football team, but with my character as their new Halfback there is hope for a bowl game berth in the next season or two. I got beaten by Fresno State tonight 14-13, but I think I should be able to win a few more games this season and hopefully win the WAC.

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