15 August 2007

I very slowly got started on the rest of my Space Marines half-squad today. They are assembled and primed, and one of them even has a bit of basecoat on him. I am seriously considering painting the rest of the army on the sprue, as painting these guys when they're assembled is a real bear. I am still quite pleased with the way the color scheme is turning out. The main colors on the figures are (all paints are Games Workshop paints) Scorched Brown (torso, backpack, upper legs, and feet) and Catachan Green (head, shoulders, arms, and legs). I think it gives them a little more of a military feel than the bright-colored marines that seem to dominate the scene. The Command Squads will be a little more colorful as the company colors replace the browns on those figures, but the bulk of the army will be in the brown and green colors. I'm looking at using some WWII symbols from Dom's Decals for markings on the shoulders and knees, but I haven't really had a good look at what they've got yet. I'll probably have to e-mail them and see what size the various symbols are.
The wife and I are planning on going camping and fishing this weekend, but we're still not sure about the timeline and destination. If we do end up going it will be a nice break from the routine. We work different shifts, so it's not extremely often that we see each other more than two days a week. I think we're both a little burned out at the moment. Maybe upon my return I'll be energized and ready to paint some miniatures. School is starting soon as well, so I've got that to look forward to.

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