21 August 2007

Last night I purchased a binder and some paper specifically to contain the paperwork for my Space Marines. I had plenty of sheet protectors at home already, as I stockpile them when the wife isn't looking. I printed out the pictures from the Space Marine Painter and put them in the binder. At some point I will write out the paint colors I use for each unit so I don't get two years down the line and forget what colors were used for the boots. I am having that specific problem with my Skaven Plague Monks right now. I need to add an extra rank to my existing unit, and I have no idea what colors I was using in February 2006.
I came across a pretty good deal on some Space Marines on the Surplus Wargaming Yahoo! Group. I'll be getting two squads for the price of one, so soon I will have a full 1/4 of 2nd Company sitting on my desk.
I've been slowly painting away on the five Space Marines I've currently got. I've determined that yellow-colored paints hate me. It doesn't matter what I do, they always come out looking cracked and globby.
I really want to get started on my WWII Skirmish project, but at the moment I lack the startup cost to do so. Individual packs of miniatures for the project only cost around $10, whuch would be fine if a local store carried historicals, but when you have to rely on mail-order the shipping costs eat you alive unless you buy in bulk. So at the moment I'm stuck on the planning stage. There is a local shop that carries Flames of War figures, but that would require me to bump the project from Micro Armour to 15mm scale, and I really don't have room for a table that large. If played in Micro Armour scale I could fit most of the scenarios on my desktop.

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