02 August 2007

I've not been enthused about painting at all lately, so I've been passing the time prepping and assembling the various miniatures that I've got sitting around. At the moment I have 15 Skaven, 2 Pirates, 21 Orcs, and 5 Space Marines in various stages of assembly and priming. Today I figured up how much it's going to cost to finish off my Warhammer and Warhammer 40k armies. It's still a pretty big figure, but not extremely insane. Almost as insane was the price check I did at the Foundry website today. I had 3 Horde deals (Pirates, Old West, and Gladiators) as well as some packs to represent the Governor and his troops (for Pirate games) in my shopping cart, and that was quite the number. Luckily I plan on being around for a few more years, so I don't have to buy it all at once.
Today I toyed with the idea of planning out and assembling an entire Chapter of Space Marines (~1000 Space Marines divided into ten companies of ~100). I'm curious as to the math of it all and how it would all price out. I'm looking at it as an all-infantry force (with the exception of Dreadnoughts, who to me are just really large infantry) as my concept of the Space Marines is more along the lines of small outnumbered forces facing extraordinary odds and overcoming them by sheer refusal to die rather than a large army zipping around in tanks, motorcycles, and landspeeders. Leave the vehicles to the Imperial Guard. Even without the vehicles, it would be quite an undertaking to purchase and paint 1000 Space Marines. That's like painting 4-5 Skaven armies. It's fun to think about.

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