23 August 2007

I made very little progress on the Space Marines tonight, as I am easily distracted and my eyes and hands were going all wonky on me. Those Claritin commercials are a joke, unless being "Claritin clear" means having a numb face and a tendency to wander around aimlessly while trying to remember what you set out to do in the first place. My wife might say that sounds pretty normal for me, but I blame the drugs. At my current pace I should be able to finish this batch of Marines by late September. There's really not a lot left to do to them, but I'm having trouble getting into it enough to go to my painting happy place and make a lot of progress. Maybe it's time for a break from painting while I spend more time on some other hobby.
My tuition assistance came through, so I guess I have to go to school this semester. I'm not especially looking forward to it. I have a hard time with school. I am taking an English writing class this semester. I enjoy writing and I used to be moderately good at it, but sometimes English classes make me want to stab myself in the face with the leg of my chair. The students and the teacher try to squeeze every last drop of meaning out of every word in a piece of literature until it becomes a contest of one-upmanship and some meaningless line about a guy who picks up an interesting-looking rock while hiking becomes a metaphor for the eternal struggle of man to sort through the mountains of knowledge and find the true pebbles of enlightenment that line the path to nirvana. Sometimes people just pick up rocks because they like rocks. Maybe I just have a poor attitude.
There are also a lot of conspiracy nuts and paranoids in your average English program. I spent all of English 102 learning nothing about English and everything about how my English teacher didn't want to check her e-mail because the government looks at you through your computer screen to find out if you're having revolutionary thoughts. In fact, there is a satellite pointed directly at the University of Idaho and it is reading all of the thoughts that go on there. I guess now the government knows that the average male at the University of Idaho spends approximately 83% of his time thinking about females. What they are going to do with that knowledge is beyond me, but they're watching all of us and brainwashing us with their "laser beams" and their internets. I love it when these folks make their crazy faces and tell you that you can't trust the man but you can trust them because they know the truth about what's going on.
Anyway, school should be interesting. I hope my English class is not too stupid and I hope I pass my History class. I'm sure excited to learn all about how the fluctuating price of bread affected the common man in the early 1800s. I was just wondering about that the other day, so I'm glad that in week 6 I'll finally have my answer.
I meant to write about something worthwhile today, but I got distracted by my English teacher's anti-government rants.

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