24 August 2007

I pushed through the pain and finished off the Space Marines. Of course, when I grabbed the camera to take pictures the battery was dead. The spare battery, once located, was also dead. I've got a battery in the charger right now, so by the end of tonight there will be photos. The paint job on these figures is not extremely awesome, but it will do. For whatever reason I had a severe case of the shakes tonight and my paintbrush was not going exactly where I wanted it all the time. But if I really want to model a full Chapter of Space Marines I need to put off the showmanship and increase my output of boots on the ground. Quality is secondary. I need boots on the ground and checklists with checkmarks on them.
The rats are soon to be removed from the family, as my allergies have manifested themselves in a severe fashion. It is getting to the point that I can't sleep at night because of them, and no creature, especially those of the vermin type, is worth the pain and suffering. Hopefully the pet store will take them back.
I suppose I will go play some World of Warcraft while I wait on my camera battery.

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