30 August 2007

The Spectral Tiger Epic Mount loot card has dropped from the $500-800 range to something in the $315-460 range. Still too rich for my blood, but getting to the point where I can dream of my Dwarf Hunter perched on a ghostly steed, charging across the landscape of Outland. Of course, if I actually pull the card I will feel extreme guilt if I do not either sell it on eBay or give the loot code to my wife. It is extremely likely that the loot card in our box of cards will simply be a Tabard or the Fishing Chair. And it is even more likely that our box of cards will be defective and not contain any loot cards at all. But I can dream, and in my happy place all three loot cards will be pulled from our foil packages and we will enter the codes and receive the loots that make nerd mouths water.

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