07 August 2007

My wife told me that it's about time I wrote something on my blog, so I guess I need to put up a post. I spent the weekend drilling with my National Guard unit, which is always a great time.
We bought my wife a decent car, as her old one broke down and we didn't want to put anymore money into it. Advantages of the new car over the old one include air conditioning, a cd player, a driver's side door that opens and closes, and four windows that close all the way and stay closed as you drive. Also, there's a lot more room in the back to haul our dogs around in.
I am at least going to plan out the full Chapter of Space Marines, as the project has caught hold of my imagination. I've got some little coloring sheets and some colored pencils so I can work out a color scheme for the Chapter and the individual markings to designate Company, Squad, and type. I'm thinking that the easiest way to show who is who would be to purchase a bunch of the different shoulder sprues from Games Workshop. Perhaps the shoulder pads could designate unit type and company, and one kneepad could be color-coded to show which squad the figure belongs to. Anyway, it's a huge expensive project that really has no point beyond being extremely cool to think about. I think I'm going to have to make the attempt over the next several years.

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