30 November 2007

Not much going on tonight, as there was yet more overtime at work. Winter is supposed to be the slow time in the freight industry, but that only seems to apply to the part-time workers. With bad weather starting to delay trailers, the full-time workers end up staying late to work on the late-arriving trailers. It's good for the pocketbook, I suppose.
Tomorrow I will probably wind up running errands, so I don't anticipate getting any painting done. I've moved the remaining Moria Goblins to my desk in preparation for painting them. I had originally intended to paint the Cave Troll, but he's going to require some assembly and sculpting work that I don't feel like doing. Better to stick with the things I'm motivated for than to get bogged down with a task I don't feel like doing. I need to get the electric fence set up as well. Buddy has been doing very well for a couple of months now, so we'd put off putting the electric fence in the yard. He's been getting into mischief again over the last few days, so I can't put it off any longer.

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