05 November 2007

Yes, I purchased a truck this week. My old car just wasn't cutting it, and the final straw was it's failure to pass emissions this go around. We'd been thinking about getting me a new ride for a while, as we were recently able to upgrade my wife's vehicle situation and needed to do the same for me. So rather than dumping a bunch of money into my 300ZX, we took the money and went truck shopping. I was looking for a Toyota truck of some sort, but after looking all around locally I couldn't find one that I liked. They all either looked like granny rides, had a million miles on them, or were way out of our price range. While looking at a Toyota at one dealership locally I saw this F-150 on the price sheet, but the salesman was trying too hard to push me into buying something, so I held off and went home to look at other options. A couple days later I went in to look at the Ford again, and after going through all the negotiations and whatnot, took it home. So now I've got a truck. My little brother discovered yesterday that it' even got a 6-disc cd changer, a fact that escaped everyone else as it is tucked away in a cubbyhole by the back seat. So that's a bonus. It's a 1998, which makes it ten years newer than any of my previous vehicles. Sometimes I go out and stare at it or have an impulse to go drive it around for no reason. I've been making up excuses to take various family members on rides so I can show it off. It's rather silly as it is still a ten-year old vehicle, but I really like it.
The wife and I had dentist appointments today, the first time I'd been in several years. I got 3 out of 6 cavities filled, a cleaning, and a replacement half-tooth from a marble fight in my youth. It was capped when it happened but about a year ago the filling broke off and needed replaced. Fun stuff. I have to go back in later this month to get the last three cavities filled. I'm not a big fan of dentists, but at least the folks at this office don't talk to me the whole time they're working.
My Fantasy Football teams went 3-1 this week, moving me to 24-12 (7-2, 7-2, 5-4, 5-4) on the season. The Denver Broncos got destroyed by Detroit this week, making it almost embarrassing to be a Broncos fan. To balance that out, though, the Houston Rockets are off to a 3-0 start in the new NBA season. A couple of basketball magazines have them picked out to win the championship this year. I doubt that will happen, but you never really know.

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