20 November 2007

Another trip to the dentist today, and another three fillings. That should be all the dental work I need for the time being, so that's nice. Today when the dentist hit me with the anesthetic he missed or something, because when he started drilling it hurt so much I wanted to jump out of the chair and challenge him to fisticuffs. The second time around he must've got it in the right place and then some, as I couldn't feel anything in my mouth for several hours.
I've started work on the last 14 regular Moria Goblin Warriors. I'm saving the character models and the Cave Troll for last. I also still need to get my hands on seven Moria Goblin Prowlers to complete my 500-point list. Now that I've got a method down for painting these guys, the rest of the warband should go together well. At some point I'll get my Uruk-Hai and Mordor Orcs in the mail and start in on a couple of warbands to do battle against these Goblins. I suppose I could paint up the Fellowship miniatures from the starter set, but they don't excite me as much as the other Lord of the Rings miniatures. Except for Gimli, of course.
My Fantasy Football teams went 3-1 this week, to bring my total record to 29-15 (9-2, 7-4, 7-4, 6-5). With this week's games all of my teams are in playoff spots, but need to hold on for a couple more weeks to ensure that they keep those slots. Denver won tonight and pulled into a tie with San Diego for the top spot in their division. San Diego holds the tiebreaker, so Denver really needs to keep playing like they have the last two weeks and hopefully make the playoffs. I don't really see any team besides New England winning the Super Bowl this year, but I'll be happy if Denver can get into the playoffs.
I have an interesting project planned for the week after Thanksgiving. I'm going to build a Tortoise Table. For my birthday I'm getting a couple of Russian Tortoises, so I'm going to have a go at building them a habitat. Hopefully I'll have pictures of that to post at some point in the near future.
And over on the Wyrd Miniatures forums is this post, which I will quote here:
"After 12 months of constant doctors and testing, they have finally decided to give my two-year-old son hearing aids. With a consistent vocabulary of only three words, hearings aids are essential so that he can finally acquire language. The downside is that after a year of expensive tests and doctors, he'll need one in each ear and his insurance will not cover a cent.
To help defray the *massive* expense of the hearing aids, both Ann and I will be clearing out the majority of our miniature collections. We are starting with the painted miniatures and the still-sealed miniatures. Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding lots of loose, packaged, unidentified, old and in general, lots of miniatures. I will add items onto ebay as fast as we sort them. Items can be viewed here."
I think they need $5000 for the hearing aids, and the auctions are pretty reasonably priced. There are some Games Workshop, a whole lot of Reaper figures, a bunch of figures from Hasslefree, and plenty of figures from several other manufacturers. I ordered several packs of Mordheim minis, and have my eye on a few of the Reaper sculpts as well. If you need to buy something to feed your lead addiction, you could do a lot worse than buying some discounted miniatures to help a kid get his ears working properly.
I think that's all the news I've got for today.

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