07 November 2007

Here's a little shot of my "motivational corner." It basically consists of minis I'm proud of or minis that I don't have any place to store at the moment, but the purpose of having some finished minis out on the table is to act as a motivator to paint more of them.

I am still plugging away at the Moria Goblins. At the moment I'm working on a basecoat for the armored parts. I'm considering breaking them up into groups of ten and finishing them out in that manner. Doing a single step at a time on thirty figures gets to be too boring and I find my break time winds up being longer than my actual painting time. The armor looks pretty shiny and brown at the moment, but I'll be adding some rust and corrosion effects to tone it down quite a bit. So I'll try finishing the ten that I've got armor basecoats on and see if that goes a little easier.

I think I found a buyer for my 300ZX. He came and looked at it today, so that should be nice. I'm not selling it for a whole lot but it'll at least take some pressure off of us so we can enjoy our trip to Utah at the end of the month without me complaining about money the whole time, as is my habit when traveling. We're planning on seeing my wife's brother and his family while we're down there. They've got a new daughter that we've never met, so my wife is excited about that. We'll probably spend a couple of hours with my friend Jamie and her family as well. And I may look up one of my old missionary companions from my days in San Diego, if I get the chance. It should be a decent break from working, but I wonder if I'll spend any time wishing I was back home painting with all that time off?
I've been bitten by a new bug in the miniature wargaming world. I've begun looking at the various small-scale ACW (American Civil War) figures, either the 6mm Baccus minis or the 10mm GHQ models. It would be my first real attempt at larger-scale gaming, meaning figure ratios greater than 1:1. I've always had some interest in the ACW, probably dating back to a giant book of Civil War pictures that my dad had and the trips we made to various battlefields in my youth. I think what I'd like to do is read some history, choose a battle, paint up the units that participated, build a general representation of the terrain, and fight it out. From there I could decide if I wanted to do more. It seems to be an easier period to get into than WWII simply because of the smaller scope of equipment and geography that is represented. Anyway, I've been looking at that a little bit. My first interest in wargaming was historicals, but I have yet to actually paint anything historical. The closest I've come is my pirate figures, but they are semi-historical Hollywood figures at best.

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  1. Good plan for the ACW project; GHQ's minis are nice, and there might be some other sources as well.