08 November 2007

Even though I had to make a trip to the DMV today, I was able to put in a solid hour of work on the first batch of Moria Goblins and finish up their armor. It looks pretty messy at the moment as I drybrushed the Boltgun Metal color on and went outside the lines everywhere. Once I clean it all up and paint the details in they'll look a lot better. Hopefully I'll be able to finish these guys up tonight or tomorrow before work and check off ten more boxes on my little checklist sheet.

My wife was able to bring home a large portion of the apple pie she made the other day, so I've been enjoying that. Probably the best thing I ever did was marry a girl whose cooking skills are exceptional.
The DMV is located next to the bookstore, so I stopped in to have a look around the used books and found a book on Irish-American Gangsters that was on my wish list. That was pretty cool. I also found a general history of the American Civil War with some nice-looking battle maps in it. Hopefully I will find a battle inside that I'd like to do more research on and build up some miniature forces to try my hand at Civil War generalship.

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