06 November 2007

This morning I made a little progress on the Moria Goblins. If I keep at it for a couple of days I should be able to finish the whole lot off by the end of the week. For me it would be a serious morale boost to get the project done. Then it's on to the forty or so other minis that are cluttering up my desk. From there I can try degunking the messed-up Space Marines in my drawer, the random Orcs and Goblins I've got in another drawer, and the various Warlord minis that I've got stashed in a cardboard box somewhere. Oh, and the two boxes of LOTR Orcs that are in the mail somewhere between Portugal and Idaho at the moment. So I've got around 225 minis in my unpainted pile. If I paint everything that current;y resides on my desktop I'll be just over my Pledge percentage (25% of the lead pile) and theoretically be able to buy more figures without guilt. I am actually shooting for a slightly more lofty percentage, but 25% is the official figure.
Games Workshop has released a limited-edition boxed set containing a full company of Space Marines. Our Hobbytown store got one of them, and I saw it on the shelf yesterday. The box is massive, and even with the $50 discount it still carries a price tag of $400. My real problem with the item is that it contains 9 transport vehicles, which I don't really want. I could probably sell them off on eBay or something to recoup some of the cost of the box, but it seems like a lot of trouble. Of course all of this postulating is worthless as I have no mechanism for actually obtaining this item. We have decided to skip my birthday and probably any major Christmas purchases for at least this holiday season. Between my new phone and my new truck I have probably accounted for several holiday seasons worth of good fortune. But it is certainly fun to window shop at the hobby store.

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