25 November 2007

As promised, I am posting a photo of the storage bins I bought this weekend as well as some other photos that I found on my memory card. This first picture is of my dog sleeping on the couch. I realize that this is the equivalent of showing random people photos of grandchildren they'll never meet, but I posted it anyway.
And here is the storage bin that contains my Skaven army. You can see the Giant in the upper left portion of the photo. The top section contains mostly units in movement trays, and the bottom section has a bunch of dividers in it to separate the various skirmisher units. These trays are a lot more handy than the trading card boxes I had been using.

And this is just a photo of some of the Goblins next to a penny to give a sense of the scale I'm working with on these figures. Mike and Jamie had asked me a little bit about the hobby and I couldn't recall if I'd done any comparison photos since they started reading my blog, so I threw this in because a picture explains it a little more easily than I can.

That's about it for me tonight. I've got the bulk of the time-consuming stuff painted on the remaining minis from this batch, but I need to take a break and make up a list of things I need for my big project tomorrow.

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