09 November 2007

Upon realizing that I use up a lot of free moments habitually visiting the same web sites over and over, I used the scheduling feature on my Blackberry to set up a general schedule of events for each day of the week. The tasks are modular in nature, so I can pull out a couple of time slots if I have an appointment or a pressing need, but it basically ensures that I will spend a few hours each weekday doing important things like homework. I have left most of my weekend time open, so as to be free when my wife and I are both home together. Hopefully having some organization in my life will allow me to do more of the things I have planned, but just don't find the time for. I figure I'll give it a couple of weeks and see how things go.

Patrick McManus is coming to the Hastings store in Boise next Tuesday to sign his new book, Kerplunk! I won't be able to make it because of my work schedule, but I think my wife is going to go and get the book for me. I don't think my wife has read any of his work, which is a situation I hope to change. His stories are laugh-out-loud funny and I'm pretty excited that he's coming to town.
Due to the schedule restructuring I didn't work on the Moria Goblins this morning, but I have time reserved at night before I go to bed for hobbies. I'm planning on working on them tonight, hopefully to finish up weapons and remaining clothing. Then I'll paint hair and faces and be done with this batch.

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  1. Your time management reminds me of Hugh Grant's character in the movie "About a Boy".