19 December 2006

Pirates and Skaven Bases

I took a picture of all my pirates together. They are quite the crew.
Today I painted and flocked the bases and movement tray for my Stormvermin. I decided to just do the simple base design on this army. Maybe on my Orc and Goblin army I'll do the bases up with gravel and whatnot mixed in. I've already done 60 Skaven in this simple scheme, and I don't really fancy scraping the flock off of them and redoing the bases. I'd like to have the army finished sometime this century. It doesn't look amazing, but from tabletop distance the bases blend into each other and sort of "disappear." And that's the effect I want. Now I just have to get motivated to do the rest of the army. I also need to come up with some kind of base for the Warp-Lightning Cannon and crew.

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