12 December 2006

Jezzail Teams Finished

I finally finished the Jezzail teams. The tiny details all over made them a pain to work on, so I'm pretty happy to be done with them.

In other news, the coat my wife got me for my birthday didn't fit quite right, so we were going to send it back and get a refund. With the refund we were going to buy tickets to see George Strait in concert when he comes to Boise next month. As luck would have it the concert sold out the day before the refund processed and we don't have the cash to pony up for scalper prices. So we paid some bills, which is quite probably the practical thing to do with the money. Probably the second or third-biggest disappointment of the year for me. I guess I should be glad that missing a concert by one of the greats is one of my biggest concerns for the year. It means I have a job, a wife, a home, a car, two stupid dogs, and enough money to feed and clothe us. But I won't turn this blog into some emo navel-gazing whine-fest. I just needed a venue to air my frustration at missing the concert.

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