05 December 2006

My Fantasy Football Season Goes Down the Toilet

I had another bad week this week, going 1-3 to bring me to 30-22 on the year. Next week is the last of the regular Fantasy Season, and I don't think I will be able to reach my goal of getting every team into the playoffs, even if I loosen my restrictions a little and count the consolation playoffs as real playoffs.
My team in the TMP League is doing quite well with an 11-2 (1st/14) record and a guaranteed playoff spot. Hopefully I can go on to win it, although I may want to tone it back a little since I want all the players to come back next year. Just kidding, if they can't handle it I'll just find more people to play against.
My team in my other bragging-rights league, The 'Rama Football League, is doing quite poorly at 6-7 (11th/16) and has to win this week against the first-place team to make the bottom spot in the playoffs. I don't think it will happen. The good thing is that I won the 'Rama Baseball League this year, so I at least took one championship from them. This will probably be my last season with the 'Rama folks as I don't visit the Newsarama message boards anymore.
I have a Public League team that is at 8-5 (4th/10) and has to win this week to stay in the playoffs. A loss will drop that team into the consolation rounds to compete for 5th-8th place.
My other Public League team is at 5-8 (9th/10) and needs to win this week to get into 8th place and be in the consolation playoffs. After a hot start I've been losing more than winning lately, so I hope I can pull off a miracle and get some wins this week.
Fantasy Basketball season is getting into full swing now. I have some mixed results there. My 'Rama Basketball League team is in first place out of ten teams at 33-10-2. My TMP Basketball League team is in seventh place out of 14 teams at 22-21-2. I'm in two public rotisserie leagues, each with twelve teams. In one league I'm in second place with 74 points and in the other I'm in seventh place with 60.5 points. I've been moving up in all my leagues, though, as I've made a few roster changes recently.

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