19 December 2006

Basset Hounds Are Not Lap Dogs

I cleaned off my desk today in anticipation of our upcoming furniture shuffle. In theory, the bedroom will become the hobby/computer room, the storage/dog kennel/weight bench room will become the bedroom, the dogs will move to the living room, and the weight bench will go to the shed, which will in theory be cleared out enough that we can use it, although we're going to need some sort of heat out there if we plan on using the shed as a workout room. In theory all of the stuff in storage will either be sold off, donated to good causes, or thrown out. Or we could try to find a cheap storage unit. My main reason for posting all of this here is that the blog has been a good motivator for my miniatures projects, so maybe it can get me motivated to get rid of stuff and move everything around.

I got the new Skirmish Campaigns book from Scott Fisher in the mail today. It looks like it should be fun. I'm hoping to get my initial order of Micro Armour during the first week of April, which will get the ball rolling on me playing the scenarios from the Drive on Minsk book.
The pirate project is stalled at the moment because I need to go pick up some finer sand for the bases. I also need to find some sort of cheap putty or something to sculpt the bases a little. The bases currently have big gaps in them and I also want to do something more visually interesting than flat washers covered in sand.
Tomorrow I think I'll prime the last Skaven pieces. I may start working on the Warp-Lightning Cannon. I got out the Dremel and worked on the hole that the Cannon's gunner mounts to, so he fits a little better now. The slaves who turn the cannon are still a problem as the don't fit to it very well at all. I may end up building a base for the cannon out of sheet styrene and using some sort of putty to even things out. The whole model is a huge pain even to look at. I'm still kicking around the idea of adding two Rat Ogres to my army so I can avoid working on this cannon. I'm also held up on the last Jezzail team as I'm still short one cavalry base and don't want to pony up $5 for a bag of bases that I'll never use.
Oh, and Basset Hounds really are not good lap dogs, no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise. Long, heavy dogs just don't fit on laps. My Basset Hound makes do by putting his front legs on one side of you, his back legs on the other, and resting his belly on your lap. I can't imagine that it's comfortable for him, but he must get something out of it.

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  1. Howdy,

    The pirates are looking good.

    In the past I have used a couple of different products to sculpt bases... Durhams Water Putty (powder, mix with water), spackle (pre-mixed), and concrete patch (pre-mixed). Durhams dries smooth, spackle has a little texture, and concrete patch has a bit more texture. At the moment I like the concrete patch, but either choice is not too expensive at the hardware store.