15 December 2006

I Can't Sleep

I am suffering from a full-fledged attack of insomnia, complete with racing thoughts and magnified senses to the point where every sound in the house is increased a hundred-fold. It's pretty extreme stuff, so I've been planning out my Pirate Tavern project.

I'll need 12-16 pirates, depending on how many players I have in the game. I think I have enough purchased to at least have three teams of four pirates, and I currently have all but four of them painted.

I need to get Reaper's Townsfolk pack with the bartender and serving wenches, and I'm thinking about getting this little deal from Impact! Miniatures. The Beer Garden Beauty isn't really period accurate, but she does have a certain charm and the barrel pyramid and monk will be good scenery for the tavern.

I'll also need some suitable miniatures to represent a small group of noblemen/merchant types and their bodyguard. I could also use a contingent of the Governor's Guard and, of course, the Governor's daughter. Maybe I will add a couple of civilian-type figures to my collection as well.
As far as the tavern goes, I will probably build it using a 3600-count trading card box. They look something like this:

The tavern will have at least one main room with the bar, tables, benches, and other scenery. I'll probably divide off a portion of the box and build some back rooms with the barrel pyramid and maybe an office with a locked trunk in it or something. I'm still a bit fuzzy on what exactly I want the tavern to look like. I'll probably do some poking around on the internet to find some similar scenery and borrow from that. Theoretically I could have a game ready to go as soon as late spring. That would be pretty awesome, considering that I bought the pirates and Blood and Swash rules approximately ten years ago and will finally be able to use them. Anyway, that's the plan in a nutshell. Hopefully I can get to sleep now.

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